Pay & Display


Pay and Display car parks remain the easiest and most cost-effective way to generate revenue. 


National Parking Enforcement Ltd can assist you in the installation, design, or regeneration of any new or existing Pay & Display car parks. We can provide everything from a basic management plan to a fully managed and installed joint venture system that would include installation of machines, machine maintenance, cash collection, signage, and parking enforcement.


For clients who have existing Pay & Display car parks we can offer a unique and transparent enforcement service; this service keeps the car park owner in control of all the enforcement action taken. The owner and National Parking Enforcement Ltd decide upon the parameters of enforcement and these include:


Vehicle Observation Period before Parking Charge Notice Issue

This observation rule is programmed in to the Parking Attendant's hand held Parking Charge Notice device and prohibits the attendant from immediately issuing a Parking Charge Notice, observation time frames are pre-programmed and agreed by the client and NPE.


Vehicle Overstay Allowance before Parking Charge Notice issue

The client and National Parking Enforcement Ltd agree a suitable overstay allowance, this allowance is also programmed into the hand-held Parking Charge Notice issuing device, and this restricts the Attendant from issuing any Parking Charge Notices before the agreed overstay allowance has expired.


Both of the above features reduce appeals and possible complaints against both the car park owner and enforcement provider.


Back Office Password for Parking Charge Notice Management

All NPE's Pay & Display car park owners have access to our Parking Charge Notice Capture and Management system. National Parking Enforcement Ltd supplies the client with a password to log in to their car park, and from here they can view all Parking Charge Notice issues and status. This unique service provides total clarity and assists the owner in relation to any appeals or commission payments. Upon request, the client can also retrieve all the specific information including photographs of individual Parking Charge Notice issues.









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